In Togo the rate of illiteracy is very high: 28.8% for men and 56.2% for the women. To fight against this situation, SADA creates favorable conditions for the schooling of children and creates literacy centers in villages (see Adult Women Literacy projects). SADA also fights to reduce the disparities of schooling between urban and rural youth, between boys and girls.

Our actions/Projects

  • SADA set up a community school in Kpedzi (September 2014)
  • SADA is paying the salaries of the teachers in this community school
  • Donation of school materials and supplies to students
  • SADA has Provided school uniforms for the vulnerable students of Bagbe (October 2014)
  • SADA is working to instill a culture of excellence among the young girls in the school.
  • SADA has paid the school fees for sixteen students in the Lomé suburb of Apédokoe and thefees of four school girls in Agodokpe (November 2014).