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Who are we?

SADA is a Togolese non-governmental organization, committed since 2012 to the poor populations in order to ensure their socio-economic and moral well-being. It is registered in the Ministry under the Receipt: 1071 / MATDCL-SG-DLPAP-DOCA. It is led by a multidisciplinary management team composed of: a Board of Directors and a Technical Department. Its actions have an inking community, promoting the appropriation of methods, results and impulse a dynamic mobilization of community resources for the well-being of children, youth and women in particular


Work for true self-promotion of grassroots communities where children, youth and women are fully realized

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Our Mission

Contribute to the socio-economic and moral development of children, young people and poor women through a process of support-advice - support to ensure their self-promotion.

Our Values

SADA strongly believes in values such as: group work, sharing and professionalism

Our Objectives

  • promote the schooling of children in general and young girls in particular
  • fight against illiteracy in all its forms, especially at the level of women
  • fight against all forms of violence against children and women
  • promote the self-promotion of grassroots communities
  • encourage the empowerment of girls and women through vocational training and Income Generating Activities (IGAs)
  • make primary health care accessible to grassroots communities

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Help us

As a non-profit NGO, SADA is continually seeking the support of partners and volunteers worldwide to accomplish its development goals. The team here at SADA welcomes your support for any of our various needs:

  • Material support: SADA receives gifts of clothing, office supplies, school materials, computers and other technology equipment (phones, tablets, digital cameras, etc.) to strengthen its operational capabilities and for our project to train young people in data processing.
  • Technical support: SADA is open to anyone with skills in community development and hosts all volunteers (national and international) to exchange knowledge, culture, and experiences.
  • Financial support: SADA has several projects ready to launch but in need of financing. With your help, we can provide vital supplies and assistance for students and teachers, food for school children to receive one solid meal a day, deliver health supplies, and much more. This is why financial support is essential; it will make it possible for SADA to carry out these projects and support more development initiatives.


SADA is dedicated to assisting communities and improving the lives of marginalized people through charitable and volunteer work. There are many ways you can help make a difference that will positively impact not only the lives of others, but yours as well. SADA provides opportunities for those who are committed to taking up a volunteer project in Togo while learning the cultural dynamics of our society. The volunteers have the opportunity to get involved in the realization of development projects, initiate their own project, and organize events to help and extend the range of the NGO’s work.



We love to hear from people, so if you’re looking to work with us on a project or just want to send us some love, please do say hello!

Synergie d'Actions pour un Développement Approprié (SADA)

+228 90 31 17 45 / +228 99 45 41 76

Yokoe, Sagbado / Prefecture du Golfe

BP 12354 Lomé - Togo